Vladimir v. Vladimir

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The leaders of the two antagonists in the Russia-Ukrainian war share the same name, albeit with some differences to account for the different languages (Volodymyr / Vladimir). If you prefer, you can say that each name is the commonly accepted translation of the other. In what other wars can the same be said of the heads of state, or heads of government (de facto or de jure), of at least two antagonists?

My nephew Charlie noted that George Washington and King George III shared the same name; that’s close, but George Washington, though the commander-in-chief during the Revolutionary War, wasn’t at the time the head of government or of state. Charlie also noted another example, much less well-known but likely squarely on point.

Bonus points if these were, as with the Russian-Ukrainian war, the heads of the two primary antagonists, rather than just minor partners in one of those massive coalition wars.

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