San Bernadino Wants to Secede from California. We Need MUCH More of This

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By Dr. Derek Ellerman

San Bernadino County, California – the Berdoo of so much fame – voted in November to create a “study” about seceding from the far-left state. 

It’s something we need much, much more of if we are to restore the principles, and even basic functioning, of a representative Republic.

Secession has obviously been branded a scarlet letter thanks to America’s unique history.

But as many others have clearly stated – like America’s greatest President, Thomas Jefferson – secession is a great American principle, and one that is desperately needed today on a large scale. 

Secede from California? Advisory ballot proposal approved in San Bernardino County directs local officials to study the possibility

— CBS Los Angeles (@CBSLA) December 16, 2022

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County Imperialism

As many Americans are finally coming to realize, their representative Republic is broken. 

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Take a look at any Presidential electoral map for at least the last 20 years, but change the settings to look at county-level results. As people helpfully pointed out after seeing such a map of the 2016 election, the divide in America is brightly drawn:

2016 Election Results by County
Screenshot: New York Times

As anyone can clearly see, a relative tiny number of counties that host America’s mega-cities are almost singularly responsible for Democrat votes. Therein lies the problem. 

But that national-level problem isn’t my focus here, as absurd as the idea is that the entirety of America, from Iowa farmers to Texas ranchers to “upstate” New Yorkers, should be beholden to the whims of the far-left denizens of Los Angeles County and New York City. 

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Micro-Secession, And Lots Of It

As the Berdoo example shows, the imperialism of far-left mega-cities impacts states just as greatly as the nation as a whole. 

Many states have to deal with this problem. Just a few examples:

  • The entire state of New York is dominated by New York City
  • The state of California is largely dominated by Los Angeles County. Throw in San Fran, and it’s over for the rest of the state
  • The entire state of Maryland is beholden to Baltimore
  • Florida is domin- just kidding, they’re free now
  • Illinois is dominated by Chicago and Cook County
  • Wisconsin is dominated by Milwaukee and the People’s Republic of Madison
  • Virginia is increasingly dominated by Northern Virginia, home of mega-rich defense contractors and government bureaucrats. (Let me tell you, I’ve seen few examples that better showcase how diametrically opposed citizens of a single state can be than Arlington vs. for example, Albemarle County.)

Starting to get the picture? 

For anyone who has traveled this great land, they quickly realize that Illinoisans have very little in common with Chicago. Western Marylanders couldn’t be more different than Baltimoreans. 

Just go ahead and ask a Wisconsinite what they think of the bizarre communist fiefdom of “Madistan.” 

The point is, even at the much smaller state level, massive swaths of people are being dominated by mega-cities that are filled with people who often outright hate them and all their values. 

Ask yourself: What does a literal Madison communist who lives in a literal commune have in common with a farmer or carpenter who lives in Manitowoc County? 

The answer is nothing. Nothing at all, except that they both live under the State government of Wisconsin. Because just two cities are filled with so many Democrats that they can often outvote the rest of the state, the Manitowoc farmer lives under the heel of people who hate his guts. 

This is no way to live. 

WATCH: Footage shows a man getting into a flaming cop car and driving it down a roadway in Madison, Wisconsin amid George Floyd demonstrations.

— Cicada News (@cicada_news) May 31, 2020

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The answer is pretty obvious, and it’s also the moral choice. There is no good reason for people to take abuse from what amounts to far-away foreigners. (Yes, the cultural divide can indeed be that great.)

Illinois should force Cook County to become its own state or, failing that, the rest of the counties should secede and make New Illinois. That way, people in Shelby County don’t have to live under the corrupt, dictatorial thumb of Chicagoans. 

This interchange road project in Chicago was originally supposed to cost $271 million (which is far higher than it should have cost).

Latest cost $806 million.

In related news, Illinois has some of the highest taxes in the US.

Keep electing corrupt clowns.

They play, you pay.

— Change Illinois (@changeillinois) December 14, 2022

Chicago is then free to run their own communist utopia – but they don’t have the ability to force it on the rest of the state and the people who have diametrically opposed views. They can pay for their own cartoonishly-bankrupt pension system, and Fulton Farmer Francis isn’t saddled with Mayor Beetlejuice’s outrageous thievery.

Apply that logic to all the situations above. It is simply immoral to force Berdoo residents to live under the thumb of Los Angeles and San Francisco if they don’t want to. They don’t have any meaningful representation at the state or national level under the current system. 

In short, we need many more states. Freedom of Association is a bedrock American principle. Fair representation was the whole point. The man in Shawano County, Wisconsin ought to live under his own values, not those of Berkeley-East. 

This scenario also dilutes the outrageously out-sized influence on the national level the few dark blue counties have on the Electoral College. 

Alternatively, we could continue on as we have, and continue to be dominated by people who hate us. 

Seems like an easy choice to this writer. 

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