Once Again, McConnell and the Vichy Republicans Are Preparing to Sell You Out

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By Dr. Derek Ellerman

I often tell writers to avoid phrases in the vein of “To no one’s surprise”, but in this case I think it’s more than appropriate. 

To no one’s surprise, the GOP establishment, led by perennial McFailure Mitch McConnell and his fellow Senate eunuchs, is preparing to sell out Republican voters and the country at large. 

As readers know, the “red wave” fizzled spectacularly (in large part due to McConnell and Co.), leaving only a small margin of victory in the House. The Senate will remain in Democrat hands. 

But that’s still a big deal, or at least it should be. Handing the Speaker’s gavel to the GOP means they control the purse strings. At least, that’s what it would mean, if the Republican Party were an actual political party intent on serving their voters. 

But it’s not. 

Republican voters fought hard to win back control of the House to take away insane spending control from the Democrats.

Mitch McConnell is on the verge of taking away House Republican’s power of the purse next year by making a dirty deal with the Dems to pass a Dem Omnibus bill!

— Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene🇺🇸 (@RepMTG) December 14, 2022

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McConnell & Co. Selling You Down The River

Here’s what I’m talking about: thanks to over a decade now of “governing by crisis” – in which the government doesn’t even bother with budgets, but instead of creates a series of fake crises with short-term spending bills – we are once again faced with a funding deadline. 

So there are two options. The GOP could either 1) force a short-term spending bill, since the new Congress will be seated in less than a month, headed by the new GOP House; or 2) immediately surrender to the Democrats and pass a longer-term, giant “omnibus” spending bill. 

Can you guess which route the Constant Failure Party is taking? 

Of course you were right. Led by McConnell, the Vichy Republican Surrender Caucus is scrambling to give Democrats everything they want. 

Oh, you voted for a Republican House, you say? Too bad. 

You want Republicans to stop constantly placating the Democrats and actually fight for you? Too. Damn. Bad. 

Just yesterday, McFailure told reporters, “I think we’re very close to getting an omnibus appropriations bill.” 

Government Executive reports in a glaring headline: Lawmakers Announce Bipartisan Breakthrough on Full-Year Omnibus Spending Bill.

The best part, as Government Executive notes, is that “negotiators” refuse to say how much they’re agreeing to spend. 

It’s so absurd, someone woke up fellow Surrender Republican Kevin McCarthy from his nap for him to meekly object.

McConnell is closer to getting his Omnibus — incl $38 billion for Ukraine, kneecapping GOP House majority in 2023. The “negotiator” is 88yo retiring ⁦@SenShelby⁩. Zero accountability.

McConnell: negotiators ‘very close’ to spending deal https://t.co/gJOTxfou20

— Laura Ingraham (@IngrahamAngle) December 13, 2022

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What Democracy?

Everywhere you look, Democrat crooks, their campaign arm in the media, and useful idiots on social media will tell you that DEMOCRACY IS UNDER ASSAULT. 

Yet here they are, silent on a secret team of Congressmen secretly negotiating among themselves on secret numbers. 

Newsflash bozos: the way Democracy works is that all Members of Congress – those who are elected by the people to represent them – get a say in how our money is spent. In a collapsing late empire, a handful of Super Congressmen cut the rest of the people’s representatives out of the process, and say “take it or leave it.” 

And because nearly all Congressmen are abject cowards or worse, whatever the final deal is, it will pass. 

In other words, you don’t live in a representative democracy. But enough about that – back to the Vichy Republicans. 

#McConnell @GOP Must be Stopped ….

Senate Leader betrays MAGA , tries to ram thru massive #Omnibus Spending Bill… – Steve Bannonhttps://t.co/TGo6D0lXyF https://t.co/7ChaAEc2PI

— Judy Ault (@judyprgirl) December 14, 2022

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Surrender Caucus Strikes Again

Not to put too fine a point on it, but the Republicans have all the leverage. They can very, very easily tell the Democrats to get bent and wait a mere few weeks to pass a larger spending bill. 

But they aren’t doing that. Why not? 

I’ll let you in on a little secret – the Republican Party isn’t even a loyal opposition party. If they were, they’d at least pretend they cared about delivering for their voters sometimes. They can’t even be bothered with such things. 

No, the truth is, the Republican Party is just the Democrats’ farm team. They agree fundamentally on nearly all matters with the Democrats. You’ve heard the old term about how Republicans are just progressives “going the speed limit.” 

That was a few years ago. Now they just travel in the same direction at the same speed. 

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