Never Trumper Kinzinger Falsely Claims He Lost Job Because He Stood Up for the Truth In Farewell Speech

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While condemning fellow Republicans of “lies and deceit” during his farewell speech from Congress on Thursday, Never Trumper Adam Kinzinger falsely claimed he lost his job because he insisted on “standing up for truth.”

In his speech, Kinzinger declared that “our democracy is not functioning” and said the GOP has “embraced lies and deceit.”

And then he told his own lie.

“Had I known that standing up for truth would cost me my job, friendships, and even my personal security, I would, without hesitation, do it all over again,” proclaimed Kinzinger.

Kinzinger gives his farewell: “Had I know that standing up for truth would cost me my job, friendships, and even my personal security, I would, without hesitation, do it all over again.”

— Greg Price (@greg_price11) December 15, 2022

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Kinzinger’s Farewell Speech is a Doozy

By gosh, you have to hand it to this self-absorbed drama queen. Despite reality dictating otherwise, he truly believes he is an American hero.

The only thing missing from that statement is Mariah Carey standing behind him singing “When a Hero Comes Along.”

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This is, after all, the same guy who thought he was going to have to turn Rambo on January 6 and said his service on the select committee was the equivalent of the way Todd Beamer and the passengers of Flight 93 fought back against terrorists on 9/11.

Drama. Queen.

Unfortunately, the facts betray Kinzinger’s false claim.

The short-time Representative actually announced he would not run for reelection in the midterms. It was a decision he made on his own. At least Liz Cheney stood in there and took the beating. But Kinzinger tucked his tail and ran instead.

Narrator: He is losing his job because Illinois Democrats gerrymandered away his district lol

— Greg Price (@greg_price11) December 15, 2022

And he didn’t even do so because voters turned on him for allegedly standing up for the truth, as he insists. He did so because Democrats in Illinois unveiled a new congressional map that significantly impacted his chances of winning in 2022.

For all his kowtowing and toeing the Democrat line, he was rewarded with getting redistricted out of office. There’s surely a lesson in that.

Kinzinger has become quite the accomplished Fake News artist in recent months. Spreading misinformation about Tucker Carlson through fake quotes, not to mention his ‘Ghost of Kyiv‘ story.

He sat on a committee that pushed easily debunked conspiracy theories and doctored of alleged evidence

Those are the facts. We just stood for the truth, Adam. Where’s our prize?

Kinzinger leaving Congress to focus on being a bitch full time

— Comfortably Smug (@ComfortablySmug) October 29, 2021

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Accuses Republicans of Inciting Violence

Aside from making false claims while calling others liars, Kinzinger’s farewell speech was replete with all the talking points you’d expect from a thinly-veiled Democrat vying for a job with MSNBC.

This man parrots liberal talking points with such ease it would make Lago blush.

Here he is calling Republicans racist and comparing the January 6 protests to the Oklahoma City bombing. Ya know, because comparing it to 9/11 and Pearl Harbor has already been taken by his Democrat colleagues.

In his farewell speech, Kinzinger says the GOP “used to believe in a big tent that welcomed the tired, poor, huddled masses yearning to breathe free. Now, they shelter the ignorant, racist, who only stoke anger and hatred” while also comparing J6 to the Oklahoma City bombing.

— Greg Price (@greg_price11) December 15, 2022

“Republicans once believed that limited government meant lower taxes and more autonomy,” he added. “Today, limited government means inciting violence against government officials.”

Where was Kinzinger’s mention of an assassination attempt on a Supreme Court Justice? Where was mention of the many years Republican officials were openly harassed in public?

“We shelter the ignorant, the racist, who only stoke anger and hatred to those who are different than us,” added Kinzinger.

I’m glad Kinzinger gave this farewell speech. Mostly because it is, in fact, a farewell. I’m glad somebody gave him a milk crate to stand on so he could reach the microphone to deliver his final words in Congress.

But throwing stones at alleged liars from within his lying glass house well, it’s a bit much. At least he has his new MSNBC or CNN career to look forward to, where the lies will be expected, if not rewarded.

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