Marcus Black And Ashlee Fay Branstetter Bring A Brand New Edge To Personal Development

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Black and Branstetter are the visionary minds behind Embrace Your Ambition. Read on to learn more about their “secret sauce,” which sets their live events and intensive masterclass apart from other personal development movements.

When two people from completely different worlds come together, you best believe that their paths crossed for a reason. Having met through what Marcus Black calls, “divine appointment,” he and Ashlee Fay are vastly different from one another, yet are united in purpose, faith, and vision. 

Black is a motivational speaker who blends the “say it like it is,” nature of hip hop culture into his teachings, while Branstetter is a powerful thought leader and the founder of the Ashlee Fay Shopping Network and a glitter supply chain queen. 

Together, they comprise team Embrace Your Ambition (EYA), a transformative movement that helps individuals elevate their voice, share their story, and ultimately, turn their dreams into reality. EYA is unique from other motivational movements because of what this dynamic duo calls their “secret sauce.”

“Implementing faith into personal development is the secret sauce,” they say. “It’s like anchoring yourself. In life, you have to have an anchor, because anchors don’t just protect ships from feeling the elements, they keep them from being lost at sea. So for us, we teach people how to anchor their business, their mindset and all the things they’re doing as entrepreneurs and thought leaders, so that they don’t get lost in this crazy cold world,” they say. 

Black and Branstetter’s journey together started over a year ago when Ashlee Fay invited Black to speak at her first EYA event. Although Black agreed to speak at the event, he shares that his connection to God felt sparse during this time.

“When I went to speak at the event, I went thinking that I’m about to blow this roof off and change everybody’s life, not knowing that it was my own heart that needed the most healing,” he says. After walking off the stage at the end of his speech, Black shares that he immediately returned to his room, fell to his knees and began weeping because something drastic changed in his heart. Not only was he able to bring the entire room to tears of inspiration, his own faith in God had been restored from Branstetter’s bold decision to embrace her own ambition.  

The way Black’s purpose was restored that day is what he and Branstetter help others achieve. There are so many challenges that can get in the way of you following our dreams, but having the right tools, support, and faith keeps you afloat. “The world is hard. Pain is universal, and nobody’s exempt,” Black says. “We have all been living in this twilight zone for the last few years and it’s caused people to withdraw, to stop dreaming, to stop believing, and to even stop caring,” he adds. 

But life is too short for you to kick your goals and dreams to the curb. If you have an idea but you don’t know how to make it your reality, or you’re feeling afraid or unsupported, you can rely on EYA to teach you how to get there and hold you accountable.

Black shares that sometimes in life, we don’t always have the best support systems, and it can even be the people closest to us that tear us down the most. But in order to change that, he believes you have to change your environment.

“If you buy flowers to plant and they keep dying, at a certain point you have to take a look at the soil you are planting them in,” he says. “You’ll find that the problem is not with your flowers, but with their environment,” he adds.

At EYA, Black and Branstetter have cultivated a community for people who are ready to expand and grow and reach their full potential. It’s perfect for people who don’t have the accountability or supportive environment they need to fulfill their dream, because they push you out of your comfort zone and support you. “It’s not only a high challenge community, it’s also a high support community,” Branstetter would add.

The next EYA Action Plan intake is on August 1, which includes specialized speaker training, a personalized action plan, the opportunity to speak at the EYA Denver conference in 2023, and so much more. “Every speaker we have attend, we are so proud of,” Branstetter shares. 

Some things in life are just meant to be. The union between Marcus Black and Ashlee Fay is one example, similar to you reading this article and learning about this incredible opportunity. Join Black and Branstetter as they invite you to embrace your ambition, have faith, and turn your dreams into reality. 

“Life is too incredibly short for you to spend your time sitting idle,” Branstetter says. “This is your moment and your wake up call. You are being called to greatness to achieve that dream that’s in your heart,” she concludes. 

Only eleven people will be accepted into the upcoming EYA Action Plan, so be sure to click this link and reserve your spot now!

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