From $700 to Real Estate Royalty: The Incredible Story of Cleopatra Adelodun

Meet Cleopatra Adelodun, the 'Elevate U Queen,' a seasoned and successful real estate broker and investor who has transformed not only her own life but those of others in the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex real estate industry. Her passion for empowering others and creating social impact through her work and motivational speaking has made her an unstoppable force in the industry.

Cleopatra Adelodun

Often when one is waiting for life to happen, life finds a way to surprise the person yearning for something to happen. Cleopatra Adelodun’s story is one of passion, perseverance, and finding one’s true calling in life. Her journey into real estate began when she realized that she wanted to change lives, those she loved and strangers alike. Finding her niche in a highly competitive industry was imperative. Self taught and tenacious, her mission is to leave the world better than she came in.

“My true passion for real estate comes from a desire to give people the opportunity to realize the American dream, home ownership, and be part of history in so many client’s lives, nothing to me could be more rewarding.”

The powerhouse of Texas, Cleopatra Adelodun, is an accomplished entrepreneur and founder of Selling Dallas Real Estate and has dedicated her life to elevating the lives of those she comes into contact with. Her story is an inspiration to women worldwide, and her brand ‘Elevate U Queen’ is on a mission to elevate anyone who wants to begin a new chapter in this awakening journey we call life. Cleopatra Adelodun’s passion for real estate shines through in everything she does. She owns her own real estate brokerage in Texas and is a full-blown investor, doing fixes and flips, new constructions, land selling and developing, first-time home buyers, and sellers. She also mentors and teaches others about real estate, while her love for the industry is contagious. Cleopatra Adelodun

Imagine a world where you wake up every day excited to go to work. A world where work is no longer a chore, but a passion that fills your heart with joy and fulfillment. That is the kind of world that Cleopatra Adelodun lives in, a world where her career is her passion. Adelodun is not just another professional in her industry, she is a force to be reckoned with. Her passion for her craft is evident in every project she takes on, and her ability to effortlessly create masterpieces through experiences is what sets her apart from the rest. When Adelodun works, it’s as if she’s dancing with the universe, each move perfectly choreographed to create something truly magnificent.

What’s even more impressive about Cleopatra is her unwavering dedication to her clients. She doesn’t just see them as customers, but rather as opportunities to help make a difference in their lives. She takes the time to build meaningful relationships with each of her clients, getting to know them on a personal level and helping them achieve their goals. Honestly, creating a tribe of clients turned into a community family!

In a world where so many people feel lost and unfulfilled in their careers, Cleopatra is a shining beacon of hope. She proves that it is possible to turn your passion into a career and live a life filled with purpose and joy. 

Her motto became “It’s all about the experience.”

This mentality and methodology have been the key to Cleopatra Adelodun’s success in a cut-throat real estate industry. She takes the time to get to know her client’s finances, jobs, and needs and works tirelessly to make their dreams a reality. Adelodun doesn’t rest on her laurels; she is constantly educating herself, closing deals, and engaging with people.

Cleopatra’s journey to greatness started with a light switch moment, having come from life riddles with problems, she learnt to shut down negativity and turned away from being a carrier of grief. With the help of mentors like Natasha Graziano, Mike Zeller, and other coaches, who’ve remained in her life she switched on her inner flame, experienced an awakening like no other, and transformed her life lineage. 

“Natasha taught me how to wake up in the morning with purpose,” affirms Adelodun. “I began to pull off layers of generational curses, generational hardship, money problems, and not believing in myself to reveal a new me that could change the trajectory of my life lineage.” 

After getting her license, Cleopatra struggled with the fear of failure. She didn’t know if she was ready to take on this new challenge, and was afraid she would fail. After almost six months of getting her license, her first opportunity was presented to her, and she couldn’t ignore the joy she felt from helping her clients find their dream home. Cleopatra knew then that she had to pursue her passion. 

Cleopatra Adelodun’s success story is even more inspiring when one considers her humble beginnings. She turned $700 into life as a successful entrepreneur. She learned that talking about her problems only made them worse and that by focusing on helping others, she found joy and fulfillment in her life.

“I love to give a voice to women who have been through a similar situation. From being a single mother to losing my spouse, to coming from Nigeria with nothing – never would I have believed that I would be sitting with billionaires, industry gurus, philanthropists, coaching and mentoring with celebrities, and this is my new reality,” expresses Adelodun. 

A young first-generation immigrant, armed with nothing but determination and a humble $700, embarking on a journey to transform her family’s life – Cleopatra Adelodun refused to let the struggles of making ends meet define her destiny. Her unwavering spirit led her to become a top 5 percent real estate agent in the industry, where she realized her dreams and created a better future for her family. Her incredible story of triumph and resilience is truly inspiring, proving that anything is possible with hard work and grit.

So if you’re looking for a role model who embodies the power of perseverance and the potential of hard work, look no further than Cleopatra Adelodun.

 Follow her journey on Instagram, where she’s currently hyping her participation at the Africa America Wealth Conference, taking place in Las Vegas on September 29-1 October, 2023

Let Cleopatra Adelodun’s story inspire you to reach for your dreams and make a difference in the world.


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