Are You Shingle? Because Rooftop Warriors Is The Partner You Need

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Whether it’s flat or pitched, standing seam or something in between, the Philadelphia roofing company is ready for a serious commitment. Are you?


A good roof is the foundation of a strong house, and like any strong house, you need the right partner to make it truly feel like a home. Rooftop Warriors in Philadelphia is the partner you have been looking for, with their desire to put the ease back in homeownership by being there for you when you need them most, and ensuring your roof is in top tier condition all year round. 

Founded by entrepreneur Shawn Nichol Junior, the business is operated like any strong relationship should be – on the core values of honesty and integrity, proven true by the team’s stellar salesmanship, seamless communication, on-site organization, and solid craftsmanship every time. 

Nichol Jr. is the President and CEO of the company, which he created in January 2020, right before the COVID-19 pandemic took place. 

Operating a business during such an unusual time came with its own set of challenges, but Nichol Jr. and his team continued to put their best foot forward, resulting in him growing his business and experiencing immense success despite the unprecedented setbacks.

Rooftop Warriors specialize in providing exterior services like custom metal installations, siding replacements, shingle repairs, skylight installations, framing, decks, modified bitumens, and even pergola installations, which are outdoor garden fixtures that provide shade. 

Regardless of what you’re looking for, Nichol Jr. and his team give you the best possible options to choose from, including from various materials, colors, and vendors that best suit your needs.

Nichol Jr. has been in this industry since the age of 16, having worked as a general contractor until the age of 25. As a GC, he always had an interest in roofing and says the majority of people he met in the industry were always “rough, tough, and hard to be around.” Inspired by that but determined to challenge the narrative, Nichol Jr. created Rooftop Warriors. 

“We’re all tough, we’re on the rooftop, we’re rooftop warriors,” he said in an interview with Tree Guardian USA at the Storm Conference and Trade Show Expo in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.

During the interview, Nichol Jr. shared that at a certain point in his life, he experienced homelessness and lived in his car with his dog. Luckily, he was taken in by a friend and given the opportunity to turn his life around. 

Having gone through that experience, it really changed Nichol Jr.’s perspective on life, and helped him to build the foundation for his business.

“There aren’t enough roofers where I’m from that are willing to help you,” he said in the interview. “But I want to pay it forward.” 

Known by his community and team members as someone who goes above and beyond for others, Nichol Jr. is changing what it means to be a roofer in today’s day and age.

Not only does he normalize going out of your way to help others, whether it’s by providing a hot meal to a person in need, making fun t-shirts for dogs, or providing financing options to homeowners, Nichol Jr. is passionate about giving back to his community, putting smiles on people’s faces and assisting them in any way that he can. 

“Your home is the cake, and your roof is the icing,” he says, explaining that with every bite of cake you take, you also get a bite of icing, which shows just how important the roof is to the integrity of your home. 

Nichol Jr. believes that no one tends to think about their roof until it’s a problem, but that’s not the way it should be. Waiting until you notice a problem can turn a simple fix into a serious and costly remodel. 

Your roof is your home’s first line of defense, he says, which is why it’s so important to make sure it’s in good condition all year round – and that includes getting an expert’s opinion. 

Whether you need full on remodeling, a small repair, or are not exactly sure of what you need, Rooftop Warriors has your back. They work with Philadelphia’s best architects and designers to produce beautiful, affordable, and functional structures in a timely manner.

If your roof’s missing granules, curling shingles, moss, or aging materials feel like a nightmare, then Rooftop Warriors is your knight in shining armor. Nichol Jr. and his team take pride in prioritizing your needs and give you the best possible options for your roof. They are more than just a company, but a partner that your home will thank you for. 


To learn more about Founder, President and CEO of the company Shawn Nichol Jr., or to get a free estimate today, visit Rooftop Warrior’s website. You can also subscribe to their Youtube channel to see Nichol Jr. and his team in action!

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