Alexander Vindman Invokes Nazi Propagandist in Panic Over Elon Musk’s Push For Transparency at Twitter

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It was only a matter of time before a liberal talking head would compare Elon Musk to Nazis. So here we are, with one particular liberal likening the billionaire extraordinaire to the most famous Nazi propagandist. Who knew that being an advocate for free speech and full disclosure would make you akin to one of the vile and fascist regimes in history?

It’s fascinating that the only period of history that liberals seem ever to manage to remember from their time in college is Nazi Germany. Of course, they don’t necessarily understand what happened. Still, they know that it was terrible and that anything bad must also be related to the Nazis and Adolf Hitler.

This time it’s Alexander Vindman, a former member of the National Security Council and often self-claimed patriot of patriots who have shot the Nazi line across the Twitter bow at Musk. However, we shouldn’t be surprised since Vindman is always eager to poke at his Twitter nemesis Elon Musk, so why not play the Nazi card?


— Alexander S. Vindman (@AVindman) December 11, 2022

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Anti-Freedom Machine

Vindman has been critical of Musk since he acquired Twitter. He got into a bit of a Twitter tussle when he shared the widely copied and pasted message recently.

“Kinda weird that @elonmusk gets to decide how like a half-billion people communicate,” he tweeted. “Way too much power for one erratic individual to wield, don’t you think?”

Kinda weird that @elonmusk gets to decide how like a half-billion people communicate. Way too much power for one erratic individual to wield, don’t you think?

— Alexander S. Vindman (@AVindman) November 27, 2022

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Besides the fact that this ridiculous comment that was spread like wildfire across the Twitterverse looks like a teenage girl wrote it, it’s no weirder than a cadre of progressive technocrats deciding how a half-billion people communicate. 

“Vindman is both puppet & puppeteer,” Musk replied to Vindman’s bandwagoning. “Question is who pulls his strings…?”

This, of course, had many on the left saying that Musk was pushing an anti-semitic trope since Vindman is Jewish. I don’t think Vindman is smart enough to be a puppeteer of anything. However, there is no doubt he’s a puppet of the left-wing anti-freedom machine.

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The Nazi Line

This brings me to Mr. Vindman’s recent tweet where he throws the Nazi card on the table since he obviously has no facts or logical arguments to continue his tirade against Musk.

“@Twitter is dying. That’s okay,” Vindman tweeted over the weekend. “If anything it needed to be killed off soonest. @elonmusk cannot be allowed to promoted dangerous radical views…hate speech. Imagine Geobbles with a bigger platform and wider reach.”

.@Twitter is dying. That’s okay. If anything it needs to be killed off soonest. @elonmusk cannot be allowed to promoted dangerous radical views… hate speech. Imagine Geobbles with a bigger platform and wider reach.

— Alexander S. Vindman (@AVindman) December 11, 2022

There it is folks, the left’s power play when they really want to bury someone’s reputation. If someone in a position of power and influence is doing something you don’t like, compare them to Nazis. 

This particular Nazi Vindman references, Paul Joseph Goebbels, was the lead propagandist for the Nazi party. Essentially what he  is saying is that Musk’s push for freedom of speech, to include speech that is hateful but protected as free speech, is akin to a Nazi who attempted to elevate Hitler through the control of mass media and censorship of alternative viewpoints.

Interesting, given that it was the last Twitter cabal of techies and former spooks that attempted to elevate Biden through the control of social media and censorship of breaking news and alternative viewpoints.


I often wonder if liberals are constantly exhausted, given that they seem to be in panic mode 24/7. The hyperbole was already pretty thick from the left when news came out that Musk was buying Twitter.

Journalist Davide Leavitt said of his possible purchase that “If Elon Musk successfully purchases Twitter, it could result in World War 3 and the destruction of our planet.” Hyperbole much?

If Elon Musk successfully purchases Twitter, it could result in World War 3 and the destruction of our planet.

— David Leavitt (@David_Leavitt) April 14, 2022

Musk is an exciting power player on the global stage, but I’m not sure he deserves the type of elevation as someone who could single-handedly be a planet destroyer. Some of my colleagues might need to meditate or do something to manage their stress levels.

The day before Elon took over, City University of New York, professor Jeff Jarvis jumped in with his own ridiculous Nazi comparison.

“Today on Twitter feels like the last evening in a Berlin nightclub at the twilight of Weimar Germany,” said Jarvis.

Oh boy, the obsession with Nazi Germany is alarming. So let’s see…we are a few months into Elon’s takeover. How are we doing?

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The World Still Turns

So far, the planet has not burst into flames or exploded like Krypton. At least for now, we haven’t had to mass mobilize to fight the next World War either.

In fact, recently, Twitter released data showing that there has been a “consistent downward trend in true hateful language impression” since Musk took over in October. Additionally, in a rather public debate between Elon Musk and former Twitter boss Jack Dorsey, the old Twitter crew allegedly spent more time moderating political speech than they did child exploitation.

By removing viral Tweets from our data set (ten in total, none of which violated our policies), we see a very different picture: a consistent downward trend in true hateful language impressions.

— Twitter Safety (@TwitterSafety) December 10, 2022

Last year there were over 87,000 reports of child exploitation on Twitter. Since Musk has taken over, he has made the elimination of these accounts a priority and, in one day alone, took down over 44,000 accounts participating in the dreadful deed.

Sadly, that’s not what liberals care about. Instead, they prefer to focus on the recently published new Twitter rules that state “People will still see slur words in Tweets when they follow an account that uses them. However, we will not amplify Tweets containing slurs or hate speech, and we will not serve ads adjacent to those tweets.”

Do you mean users will have to unfollow and block users that say things they don’t like? Oh, the humanity! How will our species survive?

Coping With it All

It’s difficult to kick an addiction. I’m sure it is hard for the left-wing twitter heads to ween themselves off of the sweet dopamine drip of Twitter. 

After Musk’s takeover, Vindman said “I’m just coming up with coping mechanisms for how I can still use this thing.”

He seems not to have an issue using Twitter still, given that he regularly tweets throughout the day. With his over 800,000 followers, I’m sure each like and retweet scratches that itch for more Twitter fame. 

“If there’s an alternative,” Vindman lamented. “I’m happy to go there. It’s just that there aren’t any real alternatives.”

Excuse me, I thought Twitter was dead, Alexander? Of course, you could always make your way over to Truth Social. 

Move to Post, Mastodon, anything. @Twitter is dead.

— Alexander S. Vindman (@AVindman) December 11, 2022

I’m sure there are many conservatives you can call Nazis on that platform. Then again, you can’t stop chasing that bluebird, can you?

You love to hate Musk, and the best place to hate Musk is on Twitter, where you are free to hate and label people Nazis as you see fit. 

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